When we find the right balance – the one that’s somewhere between having fun, feeling fit and accomplishing our goals – we know and feel like we’ve got it right. Everything seems to slot into place and life’s a lot less ‘blaaah’ and a bit more like Beyonce’s.

Finding balance means creating a healthy and happy lifestyle you are in love with!

It’s about doing things every day that excite you and make you happy. We don’t want to workout because we “hate our body” or we “need to punish ourselves for a snack earlier in the day”. We want to find styles of exercise that we look forward to doing and makes us feel great!

Finding that balance isn’t always easy though and, when it comes to exercise, we can end up veering a bit off path. Common mistake number one is over doing it. Going too hard too early. Say you’ve started a new workout guide and you love it. In fact, you love it so much you sign yourself up for extra sessions, and a Tuesday night pilates class, and a Friday morning Acro Yoga class – come day three you feel exhausted, achy, deprived of ‘life outside of exercise’ and like you never, EVER want to return. 

Mistake number 2 is forgetting you already have a life. In your excitement to start a new class you fail to think through how your brand spanking new exercise plan is going to fit into that thing you have called ‘a life’. Creating balance in our lifestyle means discovering this balance across all aspects of our lives too, and enjoying the process. When we strive for balance we inherently create a lifestyle that is sustainable long term. It moves our focus from short term wins to life long enjoyment of a healthy and happy lifestyle.

'Moving your body and eating nutritious food are things that add enjoyment to your life, they are not things that define who you are.'  


It's important to remember not to take our fitness journey too seriously either. Try your best everyday but don't beat yourself down if you want to enjoy an indulgent weekend. Hey, after all, life is for living. 

Health & Happiness,

Amanda x