• Who is this program for?

    Guys and girls wanting to get fit, tone up and burn fat without needing to purchase any equipmnet. Get motivated, fit my 20 minute whole body workouts in, and get on with your day!

  • One time purchase or subscription?

    All programs are a simple one time purchase meaning you get lifetime access to the program, members area as well as all updates and bonus material I add along the way! All in an easy one off payment... no subscriptions, no lock ins.

  • What is Fresh Body Fit Mind?

    The Fresh Body component is my 12 week workout experience designed to beat your busy schedule, and challenge your whole body, every session. With access to my workouts at anytime, you can follow along at your own pace and start feeling fit, functional and full of life!

    The Fit Mind component focuses on daily motivation and mindset activities designed to encourage healthy thoughts, behaviours and habits. Fit Mind is not only about inspiring yourself to reach your full potential, but about being an inspiration to those around you too.

  • Why 20 minute workouts?

    Why not? 20 minute workouts burn fat during and after your circuit to get you better results.... sooner! My 20 minute workouts are shorter, sharper, and more achievable helping you stay committed to your program and see long term results. Stop making excuses and start making all the time and effort you put into your workouts more effective.

  • Workout anywhere, without equipment?

    Yep. You don't need the fanciest equipment to get results, you need to move your butt! Sweat it out in your living room, at the park, in the gym, or even get them done on your holiday... I dare you!

  • What is the global fit family?

    You don't just buy a program, you join our family! The global fit family is our online group exclusively for Fresh Body Fit Mind members where we connect, chat, share, learn and inspire one another to reach our goals. No matter where you live or what fitness level you are, you can always find a workout buddy, advice, and all the support you need to get the results you want here. You can join the global fit family simply by purchasing a Fresh Body Fit Mind program and gaining access via the members login on amandabisk.com.

  • Get started in 3 easy steps!

    1. DOWNLOAD & SAVE // Instantly access your 12 week program from anywhere in the world.

    2. LOGIN // Get your password & access my FBFM members only area on www.amandabisk.com

    3.JOIN // Connect with me & 1000's of fit family all over the world in our online fitness community.