At three years old my energetic personality was starting to drive my parents a little crazy. My dad decided to try the gymnastics program at the local Youth Centre as a way to expend some of my energy. It seemed like a clever idea, until I started to bring home the skills I was learning at the gym. I was still as energetic as ever and my hyperactivity just expanded to climbing, flipping and walking on my hands all over the house.

When I turned six I was selected to train at the Western Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS) under their elite development program. I spent a few years here and learnt skills, competitiveness but most importantly how to be disciplined and train hard towards my goals. I think this was the start of my passion for structured training and competitive sport. I remember how excited I was everyday to go to the gym and learn new things. The environment really encouraged me to test my limits and to always do things to the best of my ability, something I still do to this day.

High jumper

In my final year of high school I took part in an elite sport scouting program run by WAIS. This program came to my school and tested everyone in our year. I was lucky enough to be selected into the WAIS development squad for high jump

Pole vaulter

After a few competitive years as a national ranked high jumper I decided to give pole vault a try. With my back ground in gymnastics I felt it would be a perfect combination of my passion for gymnastics and athletics...and I was right!