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Get Your Yoga Body at The Home Of Yoga



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Welcome to the BIGGEST worldwide yoga class led by me, Amanda Bisk!

You can join in from wherever you are in the world. Every Tuesday, I will guide you through a refreshing & re-energising 30minutes of yoga, with tips and techniques every step of the way. All you need is your body and a little bit of space (the size of a yoga mat) and you are ready to join in the global movement!

This class is LIVE for 24 hours, so you can tune in at any time over the day! A brand new class will be available EVERY TUESDAY, giving you access to fresh postures and flows every week!

Its time to love, appreciate and revitalise your body and mind.

Worldwide yogi's coming together to MOVE AS ONE.

ab x

Tune in every Tuesday.

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if you can't see the 'buy it now' button, gain access through my online store here.


I did it from my flat in paris! it was great, thank you!! :) x


Completed my first world wide yoga class with @amandabisk loved it! I can see myself become addicted to yoga soon! #ABBodysquad


Wonderful wonderful class! thank you so much! see you same time next week! xx


This is beyond awesome!!! Doing it tonight :D


I'm so so excited to do the class with you!! I live in the US, and wouldn't have gotten the opportunity otherwise. Thanks so much for doing this, and I'll see you on the mat :)


I have just completed this in the UK and WOW it was hard work! I didn't realise how inflexible I was! I was actually sweating mid way! Thank you @amandabisk I now feel like a marshmallow xx Can't wait for next week x


Its 7 am so still way to dark to make a picture of me doing poses. This is the beautiful @amandabisk she made a yoga class video that we all can join for 24 hours. It's not free but you can pay her whatever you want to. She explains things very well and she has the nicest voice to listen too. I really want to do yoga but I just dont know where to start. Who makes good video's? How many times a week should I do it? Books?? And many MANY more questions making my head spin and give up before I even get started! so this is the perfect solution! 


Got home early, time for your beautiful class with some candles xx love. love. love.


Loved it @amandabisk great way to start my morning! thank you for sharing your light!!!


I've been dying to practice with one of my idols @amandabisk for a long time now AND this morning I did... Online!  thanks for the beautiful class @amandabisk and thanks for finishing with my favourite pose xxx


Just finished @amandabisk's online worldwide yoga class. A nice half hour spent with you miss Amanda. Namaste x


How this class works

Every Tuesday (5pm local time here in Perth, Western Australia) my 30 minute yoga class will be uploaded. You can access this class at any time.

For your enjoyment, the classes are streamable and downloadable. 

To keep up to date with classes, tune into my Instagram @amandabisk where I will post to let you know when each new class has been launched.

ab x