Remember those terrible excuses you made up to explain why you hadn’t done your homework? Ones like, ‘the dog/my brother/a Tyrannosaurus Rex ate it’. Even though we’re out of our uniforms we’re still guilty of making up some pretty lame excuses, especially when it comes to working out. Making excuses is one of the biggest mistakes we make daily… but it’s also one of the easiest and most powerful habits to change.

Let’s be honest, there’s always a way to shuffle things around so you can fit in that workout session or find something to wear – even if it’s that old pair of leggings that are stuffed down in the corner of the wardrobe.

Excuses tend to become a habit so it’s important to fess up (to yourself or bestie) and nip them in the bud. Try these tips to get you out of the excuses zone… 

1. Login to your diary and mark in the days and dates that you’re going to work out. Clear time either side of a session so you know you can’t make up any excuses about it clashing, plus you’ve given yourself the time to change and shower off. 

2. Get a mate in on the act. You’re much less likely to wimp out when you’ve got an accountability buddy. Just think of his/her face if you didn’t show up and they’re left like Norma no Mates at the back of the Piloxing class. 

3. Keep it bite size. If you’re using the excuse that you’re too tired to exercise try telling yourself that you’ll do just a mini winny ten minutes of your online workout. Ten minutes into it you’ll be enjoying yourself so much you’ll want to continue. 

4. Turn your excuses around. Become your own therapist (it’s a much cheaper option). If you find yourself making up excuses try to decipher them. What’s really behind the excuse? Nip. It. 

It’s time to take responsibility for your journey, Remember...

"You need to be relentless every single day in the pursuit of what makes you happy."


Let’s start right now by making a promise to ourselves to never let another excuse get in the way of our goals. 

Health & Happiness,

Amanda x


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