Fresh Body Fit Mind Pre Training Day Four.


Image via @renee.munn Instagram

Image via @renee.munn Instagram

Making excuses is one of the biggest mistakes we make daily… but it’s also one of the easiest and most powerful habits to change.

When it comes to sticking to your workouts it’s easy to put it off for tomorrow or wait until a friend can join you. Unfortunately, making too many excuses can be a certain way to never reaching your goals. 

It’s time to take responsibility for your journey.

One of the major personal achievements you can make on this journey is to stop yourself from making excuses and, instead start finding solutions. The moment you stop creating excuses is the exact moment you let nothing stand in the way of you and your goals.

I know, trust me, achieving your fit lifestyle can be super hard. In fact, if it were easy, everyone would be fit, flexible and full of life.

"You need to be relentless every single day in the pursuit of what makes you happy."


Let’s start right now by making a promise to ourselves to never let another excuse get in the way of our goals. Let's recognise and accept when we are making an excuse, and start focusing on finding it’s solution.

Here is a brief list of some of my favourite excuses to be on the lookout for:

1. "I'm tired"

You know what, just get it done... you'll feel better afterwards.

2. "My friend bailed on our workout session"

Awwww so sad!.... now go do your workout. 

3. "I'm, like, super busy at work right now"

OMG me too! Good thing exercise is such a great stress reliever right!?

4. "It's too expensive"

Not as expensive as getting sick... or those sweet sweet Friday night cocktails.

5. "I just can't fit it into my day"

Yes you can.

6. "I think I'll start on Monday"

or.... you could start today. yay!

7. "I have to get up early for work"

You, and everybody else. 

8. "I work night shift"

Unless you are doing 24 hour shifts, you can find the time.

9. "I'm just waiting until I get my new workout clothes."

How exciting, I can't wait to see them!... now go do your workout.

10. "Today was the day, but I'm sooo hung-over!"

I have the perfect hang-over cure for you... go workout!

11. "I don't really need to workout, I'm just going to diet"

That salad ain't gonna get you those toned abs & perky butt you're after.

12. "I don't wanna be seen at the gym yet"

Use it as motivation, or start by working out at home.

13. "I get really sore after my workouts, there's something wrong with me"

No, that's normal. Your muscle soreness will go away after your warm up.

14. "I'm kinda focusing more on my flexibility at the moment"

Me too! It's really helping with my squats.


Learn all the moves for your day 4 workout along with correct technique to make sure you're working the right muscles in the right way. Always focusing on using correct technique is the secret to get the best results possible, while keeping injury free.



  1. INTRO: welcome to day 4
  2. DOWNLOAD day 4 workouts
  3. VIDEO watch Amanda's tutorial video
  4. ACTIVITIES: set your personal focus and goals for your day
  5. video: small changes add up to amazing changes / chatting about  
  6. FOCUS: this journey is about going at your own pace, it's about you not comparing to anyone else or being distracted by other people.
  7. not moving forward onto the next day unless you are ready, i.e. have completed all of day 4, stretched, set goals