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Hey fam, I've got a task for you tonight!

Before you head to bed, I want you to do 15min of stretching (even if it's in front of the TV! 📺)...when you wake up tomorrow, just take a little mental note on how you're feeling and how you slept!

ab x

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Make your workouts fun!

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A fresh week is about to start

Leave the slip ups behind and refresh those good habits, get back on track, and get started on those positive steps towards what you want

Monday morning is mine! Who's with me?!

ab x

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Esther on her 12weeks of #freshbodyfitmind training! (beginning, middle, and end) BOOM!

I know you had a birthday a few days ago girl, so Happy Birthday you massive babe!! @estherfarley

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Here's the workout I did at the outdoor gym yesterday...Something for you to try this weekend!


1. 1min max Chin Ups (or Push Ups)
2. 1min max Lunge Jump Squat Jump
3. 1min max Burpee Tuck Jump (or Burpees)
4. 1min REST

Enjoy your weekend workout fam!! 

ab x

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