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One of the Best ways to stay motivated is

to make your workouts fun! I always make time at the end of my sessions to do something that excites me, something I enjoy doing like handstands! It keeps you looking forward to your sessions and can be a great confidence booster. Next time you workout make time for fun and try incorporating something that excites you!

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We often gaze in wonder at mountains

stand in awe at the colours of a sunset, watch in amazement as our night sky glitters with stars, galaxy's...life.
Strangely, we seem to pass ourselves by everyday without a blink.
You are endlessly beautiful, and more incredible than you will ever know.

ab x


This is my secret to sticking to your fitness routine

If you ever feel like you've been slacking on your workouts, missed sessions, are feeling a bit lost with your training routine, or need a new spark of fitness motivation, you need to start making a training diary a constant habit in your week.
This is something I swear by and it is a huge part of my training program Fresh Body Fit Mind (ps. This is a diary reminder for all my fit fam)

A diary is the perfect way to MAKE time for your workouts during the week (it's time to ditch the 'I don't have time to workout' excuse!!)..planning gives you the best chance to stay on track and succeed.

If you read my diary, you can also see I write down all sorts of things like what session I am doing, what time I got on my test workouts, goals for the week ahead, and even putting a big tick next to the workouts I actually did (It actually feel so good to acknowledge it! )

So, let's do it fam get organised, get motivated, and get those training diaries working for you!!

ab x

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Strength and flexibility are something I build into my training

as an everyday ESSENTIAL! It's great to workout and feel powerful and strong but it's equally important to train your flexibility. Activities that lengthen and stretch your muscles can help improve overall strength, power and range of motion. You can improve your athletic performance and strength by incorporating a simple stretching and flexibility routine... and you will notice amazing differences in your recovery! 

So excited to be very close to releasing Fresh Body Fit Mind Guide 2 very soon!! (You guys will get the perfect program for your all over fitness, strength AND flexibility and I can't wait to share it with you!!!) 

ab x

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There's only 5 WEEKS between these photos!

@hidesgal you have absolutely blown me away with your Fresh Body Fit Mind training girl!!.. and there's so much more to come!

I want to note here that Heidi is the perfect example of working on healthy changes one step at a time...all she has changed is her training over the last 5weeks (she is doing my 12week training guide)

The next step is finding that healthy eating routine! You are killing it Heidi and I am so proud of you!

ab x

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