Secrets To Stress Less, Re-Energise and Feel Refreshingly Flexible 

WITH AMANDA BISK   see: my education + qualifications

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Written from my education and experience as an exercise rehabilitation professional, elite Australian pole vaulter and yogi, my aim in this guide is to refresh your body like never before, and maximise your free range of movement. It's about getting you back to brand new and reaching your full potential.

Caution! There are difficult progressions and advanced stretches so make sure you know your limits! Ill guide you through a tutorial for correct stretching techniques, where you need to feel the stretch and how long to hold each stretch for.

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Most suitable if you're wanting to:

  • try yoga and improve flexibility from home
  • get better results in your fitness training by lengthening and releasing tight muscles
  • de-stress and reset your mind from work and busy schedules
  • improve your yoga practise and get into advanced positions
  • improve recovery from sport and physical exercise
  • seeking improved joint and muscle functionality and less injury
  • want to do yoga from home
  • feel reduce stiffness and soreness in your body
  • improve your athletic performance for sport - elite or beginner
  • see improved gains from your weight training and physical exercise regime



When was the last time you thanked yourself for just how amazing you are? This guide is about appreciating your body while reaping the amazing benefits of stretching! So, slow things down. Breathe. Connect.  It's time to stretch it out and start feeling brand new again, You deserve it!

You can Start getting flexible right now, This Guide has everything you need to start within minutes:

  • 53 Page Stretching Guide with my hints, tips, progressions and secrets to Stress Less, Re-Energise and Feel Refreshingly Flexible
  • 5 x 30min Intermediate Yoga Classes focusing on various peak poses from Dancers Pose to Splits.
  • 7 Page Motivation Activity Book
  • 22 Minute Guided Stretching Video Tutorial
  • Exclusive Sunset Yoga Flow Video to Try at Home
  • 1 Page Quick Look Guide of all stretches to take anywhere!
  • My yoga playlist
  • Wholebody Wholefoods Sneak Peak
  • + More! :)

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Inspire Your Fittest Body and Mind Ever!
— Womens Health Magazine March 2015

HEAR How We Are TransForming Our Body and Mind

Cheryl Roberts - @cherylroberts_

"With your stretching guide I feel that I now hold the key to motivate myself daily to practice stretching. This leaves me refreshed and feeling more appreciative of my body.  feel better than ever! From about the age of 9 to 21 I horseback rode and competed professionally in show jumping. This left me with very tight hamstrings as I never stretched properly to be honest (I was never taught properly!). When I left horseback riding I went into long distance running and still suffered with very tight muscles. I discovered yoga about 3 years ago but only got serious about it when I saw your story and how stretching helped you overcome your chronic fatigue. I like the colourful step by step picture guide, as it highlights specifically where you should be feeling the stretch (yellow dotted line). This keeps me feeling safe in the stretch. I discovered that stretching is a way for me to thank my body for all that it does for me and to tell it that I want to take care of it. I would 100% recommend this product! My main concern about buying the stretching guide was that it wouldn’t have enough in it to keep me feeling challenged. I was pleasantly surprised that your guide offered an amazing range of easy, intermediate to challenging. I am now determined to make it to the more challenging stretches!"

Tahlia Lapham - @tahlialapham

"I would definitely recommend this guide, I feel Amanda really does love what she does, and is genuinely interested in helping you achieve your goals. I don’t usually buy anything to do with recipes or exercise guides, as I always thought you can research the same information for free. My main concern about buying this guide, was that It was not going to help me and would really be a waste of money. But already in a few days of using it, I have felt so alive and energetic and also of course, my flexibility has increased, even so that my Yoga Instructor has said that she has noticed a difference in my practice at the studio in the past week. I have practiced yoga and pilates for about a year now in Subiaco, although I felt my flexibility was not enabling me to reach my goals. After reading Amanda’s Stretching guide first, I tried the tutorial video, and felt absolutely amazing afterwards,  feeling so incredibly relaxed, stress free and rejuvenated that I fell asleep very quickly. 

I practiced it every night gradually stretching deeper, and already able to touch my toes in a fold. I was never able to before. I absolutely love the Tutorial video; Amanda explains what to do and why we are doing it very clearly. I discovered about myself that I am actually a lot more flexible in my left leg than my right. Amanda gives you an advanced pose as well as a beginner, catering for all stages. Benefits of the Stretching guide is I am able to do it in my own home, having 40 degree days lately, It is nice to relax with cool air and a few candles. I also found the yoga playlist also helped me out as I was always stumped for music, and I found the songs were not classical, but more a “Slow Tempo” music. the kind of music that more or less empowers you in your practice. She has also been nice enough to reply to Messages on Facebook to me. My opinion of her, is that her followers/fans also provide her with inspiration as she does to me. "

Sophia Marvell - @sophmarvell

"Your guide has given me a new found love for feeling pain. Good pain at that. I can not stop stretching! Be it at work (under my desk), outdoors, by the beach, your guide has allowed me to know I can do stretches outside my yoga room, without a controlled environment, and still make progress. 

I am feeling fantastic, a lot more bounce in my step and my energy is simply beaming out of me. I suffered a severe neck stiffness, and my whole right side of the body was spasming. I went to the physio, but unfortunately i couldn't continue as it was too expensive for me. Your guide, in particular your Quick 10, or Daily 10, has been SO helpful! I can stop and literally do it ANYWHERE I want and it is so quick and straight forward! My neck is getting better everyday, and my body feels amazing. 

Along with that, I have a clearer mind, I am able to hold focus for much longer, and overall I just feel much more relaxed, and am jumping out of bed in the mornings, with the energy to do 100 times more things in the day, and still have energy at the end of the day. Its incredible! I have told many friends and family about this guide, and how simple and easy it is. 

I had no issues in purchasing the guide. After following you on Instagram for sometime, I knew what your capable of, and what amazing things you can achieve, and for the price of 2 coffees, it was WELL worth the money spent. 

All in all, I am feeling pretty much on top of the world. And the smiles just keep on coming. Thanks for your constant motivation, commitment, and hard work that you put into all your followers!

Now to hit my goal, Side splits with belly on the floor. Stretching every damn day til i get it!"

Jennepher Channell - @Jenchannell_

"I'm a terrible stretcher and have been so stiff lately and Kayla's rehabilitation sessions are great but after each session I feel like I just need a bit more. My physiotherapist tells me every time that I need to stretch daily and it will only help with my muscle pains and stiffness.

I've been insta-stalking @amandabisk for a couple of weeks now and finally bought her stretching guide yesterday. Just finished my first stretching session using her guide and I feel great! Definitely found some of the positions awkward but it was just what I needed. Every body part is covered and I now want to try and set aside time everyday for a stretch session! Can't wait to see improvements in my cobra and bendback position!!"

Sarah Sandin - @sarahsandin

'I haven't been working out as much lately because of some bouts of depression. I recently purchased@amandabisk stretch and reenergizing tutorial. I love it. She inspires me to stretch even if I can't muster enough energy to workout. Then I feel better about myself and love my body more. I recommend following her. Here's my start! Hopefully I'll be able to touch my toes to my head soon. 


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