NEW! October 18th - October 24th 2016


I have fond memories of younger days, back when we were more beautiful, when we were more adventurous and carefree. We would just get up and go! oh, the adventures we had! If I close my eyes I can still hear their laughter. I can still see my friends, their youthful bodies dancing in the sun drenched sands of a far away beach. If only I let myself live a little more, get out of my comfort zone for a while. I could have made more memories, had more tales to tell. My excuse was always ‘life just get’s in the way’ but it doesn’t, it doesn’t.
Life is simply what you make of it.”

7 Day Active Escape

Meet amazing people just like you that love life and live to travel, meet new people, try new things, get active and explore the world!

Our 7 day (6 nights) retreats are all about escaping for a week full of fun, fitness, surfing and yoga. If you love traveling and making new friends, this is an active experience you can't miss out on. Have our expert trainers take you through a whole body workout blast, become a local for a week and take on the waves with surf instructor and founder Zanna Conlan, or paddle your way over the big blue on a stand up paddle board, then find yourself on the yoga deck being guided through a vinyasa flow at sundown over looking the beautiful pedang pedang shoreline.

If that's not enough, don't worry we throw in a host of challenges and activities along the way! We will take you out to the best spots and show you the best bali has to offer.

Currently Booking:

June 29th - Uluwatu Mega Escape (BOOKED OUT)

NEW! October 18th - Echo Beach, Bali

*A Mega Escape has a larger group of at least 30 people while standard escapes have a maximum of 20.  

This life of yours is a gift. Cherish every moment and take every opportunity to live it to its fullest.

Check Out The Villa @ Pedang Pedang

adventure awaits.
travel far, make new friends, wander the world.”