All-over Arms Workout

3 awesome exercises to target your arms, back and shoulders!

Getting that toned upper body is all about finding 'compound exercises' (lots of muscle working at once) that not only work your big muscle groups, but also the smaller muscle groups that help stability and posture. When you train using compound exercises, you start to build a more balanced and even body shape.

It's hard to find good arm exercises that don't require weights or equipment, so I want to share my go-to arm exercises that also sneakily work your shoulders, back and core! (woohoo!)

Here's your workout!


EXERCISE ONE: 10 Reverse Bear Crawls (Count 10 Steps With Your Hands)

EXERCISE TWO: 10 Push Up + Frogger (you can choose full push ups or kneeling)

EXERCISE THREE: 20 Tricep Dips (10 Left leg up : 10 Right leg up)

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