Butt Buster Workout

My favourite 3 glute exercises all in one butt burning workout for you!

Strong glutes are crucial for good technique in all of your running, jumping, squatting, and pretty much any leg exercise! It sounds funny, but your glutes are actually your core! They keep you stable, improve your training technique in ALL of your workouts, and they protect you from injury.

If you suffer a sore lower back, aching knees or ankles, or feel like your knees roll inward (knock together) when you run, you should definitely work on your glutes!

Here's your workout!


EXERCISE ONE: 20 Side Lying Leg Lifts (20 Left then 20 right)

EXERCISE TWO: 20 Kneeling Side-to-Side Leg Lifts (20 left Then 20 right)

EXERCISE THREE: 20 Lying Single Leg Hip Lifts (20 left then 20 right)

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