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So I've been getting a few questions about my training program Fresh Body Fit Mind

I know a few of you have tried (or are trying) my free 7day Pre Training guide, which gives you a great introduction to my style of workouts and weekly training schedule! I want to give you an insight into what you get when you start the full FBFM guide:


  • A downloadable 200pg guide that you can use on any device (iPhone, laptop, android, iPad etc) AND you can also print it out if you want a hard copy.
  • Access to the Members Area on my website where you get a full tutorial video of every exercise in the guide, weekly discussion videos from me, and bonus material and mini guide.
  • Secret members group where you can chat with other people around the world doing FBFM, ask questions at any time, get all my news and updates first, and have a unique place to get motivation and encouragement when you need it most! (This group is INCREDIBLY supportive and I visit there everyday to check in with you guys)
  • Live workouts with me that you can do in real time!

If you haven't yet, try my 7day Pre Training guide, it's the best way to experience FBFM to see if you like it 👌🏼 before you spend your hard earned dollars!

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If you're ever feeling flat, tired, over stressed or just need a little pick me up in the middle of the day

The ONE thing I can't recommend enough is to stretch.
The minute you start stretching, your body is encouraged to release hormones that relax your body, release physical and mental tension, and also boost your 'feel good' hormones!
Even if it's 10min of stretching when you get home after a long day, or a couple of stretches at your desk at work..give your body and mind a chance to catch up and reset.

Check out my free sleep better stretch guide here to get my stretching tips and tricks!

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It is good to feel lost sometimes...

because it proves you have a navigational sense of where you want to be.
The unsettled, uneasy feeling of lost-ness is what makes you realise you want something greater.
Maybe your current location isn't that place just yet but, hey, you KNOW being on the right track exists..and when you know that, you have the momentum to go get it.

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Leg lifts!! There's 2 variations here for you fam...

the first one is great if you are starting out, try and lower your legs as SLOWLY as you can, then the second one is full leg lifts.
If you haven't done any of these before, don't go overboard the first few time your try them (stick to 1 or 2 sets of 10) Why? Leg lifts are really demanding on your hip flexors, if you go too hard before you're ready you can over work them and get an achey lower back the next day! So ease into it, build up slowly, and always stretch your hip flexors after!


Free 7 day pre training guide available here

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Stay where you are? Or move forward with unshakable confidence?

Don't think you have to stay stuck because that's the way you were in the past. Your potential to achieve what you want can change in an instant and it all comes down to what step you are going to take next. Wether you're already on the right path, or you want to change your direction all together, you have the power to take charge with the next decision you make. 
So what are you going to do next?

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