FBFM Week Nine


Hey there fam!

TECHNIQUE. If you have ever trained with me, you will know I am crazy about technique! Why? Because I know it is the difference between ok results and EXCELLENT results.

Doing exercises the correct way, is the key to firstly avoiding injury, and secondly achieving your best possible fitness goals. We are at the stage now where you should be quite familiar with most of the exercises in FBFM (I hope so anyway!!) BUT we are also at the point where you might be just 'going through the motions'.

This week I want us to be super aware of HOW we are training every session. It might be your running, your squats, your plank knee to elbows....EVERYTHING! I have always made a point when I coach that I would much rather you do each exercise slower with excellent form, rather than fast rubbish!! 

Take every rep to its max. Really tune into what muscles are working, how you are moving, and how you feel. This awareness is an excellent skill to have when you train. If you are aware of what you are doing, you are really activating every muscle to its full potential and you will automatically do it better. Your technique is the difference between training, and SMART training...and eventually the results will show. 

If you haven't yet, make sure you check out my instructional video of every exercise in the guide. This should help you a lot with how you should be performing your workouts. PLUS take this opportunity in the forum to ask me (and the fam) anything about the exercises or your technique! Oh and definitely share any progress you have made in your technique too!! Anything that you feel you are doing better...I love hearing (and seeing) your progress!! 

Lets be the most technically efficient fit fam out there! We are in this for long lasting, sustainable results...not fast rubbish! ;)

ab x


PS. Remember to #freshbodyfitmind your photos and videos on Instagram!! Your single post can be the biggest influence for the FBFM family :D I am absolutely loving the way you connect, share, and motivate each other (and me!!). This community is the best, most supportive fit network I have seen and I LOVE YOU GUYS so much for creating it!! x

Amanda Bisk