Move Day


Hey Fam!

So after the first couple of days, I have noticed a few questions about MOVE days. I thought I would create this forum to answer your queries! :)


Firstly, like mentioned in the guide, MOVE days were originally created by me to get you outside, enjoying your environment and just experiencing different ways to mix up simple walking, jogging etc. There are just simple MOVE sessions, like a 20min power walk, feel free to turn this into a jog/run if you want the extra challenge! and then there are harder move days later in the guide...Obviously everyone has different fitness levels and I have tried to make MOVE days achievable for MOST people..this brings me to my first variation. If you feel you want to push harder, please go for it! Run instead of walk, use hills, stepper at the gym, do a group workout class, sport or yoga etc etc. the same goes for if you want to make it a bit easier, like just doing a simple walk instead. Listen to your body and adjust the days as you like. I just want you to get outside and be active enjoying the outdoors!

I think there was a question about how fast you should be running on the speed play MOVE (1min jog : 1min walk). The aim of speed play is to give you rest in between your run/ you can build up energy, catch your breath and get ready for the next bout of effort (trying to put in 100% technique and working the best you can). So...Run at a speed that is challenging you! Get a sweat on, remember you will have your minute walk to recover in between! This speed will be different for everyone.

The other QUESTION i came across is WHAT IF ITS RAINING!! Or you can't get outside. I want you to find an indoor alternative! I know Cindy (@cindyyoga), you did walk/jog MOVE day up and down your hall way at home! great! So just find a way you can still be active. You might be lucky and have access to the gym or a treadmill, stationary bike at can bust out your 20min! Or use your skipping rope! Create a circuit for 20min (i posted an example of this in the other feed, I will copy it and post it below!).

If anyone has awesome indoor ideas for MOVE days please share them here! It will be great to get our creative juices flowing :) Otherwise i am alway happy to suggest something, just let me know what kind of area/equipment you have to work with and I will come up with something :D but otherwise, lets share our experience around!


So this post is getting massive!!! haha I will leave it here. Just ask any other questions or queries below and we can make this a little 'go to' area for MOVE DAY!!

Keep smashing it guys!

ab x

Amanda Bisk