FBFM Week One


^ VIDEO: Circuit Setup ^

Here is a little hyperlapse video of my boyfriend Adam and I doing a circuit at home! As you can see, you dont really need much space at all :) 


Week 1 is off to a RIPPER start! 

How did you find the first day!? (The PM circuit is a KILLER!! haha my legs were burning!)

Have you managed to fit in your twice a day training??

What about your MOVE sessions? (maybe its been rainy and you had to do an indoor MOVE on the treadmill, or some skipping and exercises in the living room instead? or have you had amazing weather and been able to get outdoors?)

How are you finding the exercises? What one is the trickiest for you?

and what about your diary? ;)

Remember to ask any questions you have about the week, or the guide! I'm here to help, and I'm sure the squad is keen on sharing their experience and knowledge too!

ab x

Loving all your pics and videos of your journey on Instagram and Facebook! (the hyperlapsed videos have been great!) Its so great to have such an amazing support network, I feel like I'm doing every workout with you! Keep it up :D

Amanda Bisk