FBFM Week Three


VIDEO: ^ TEST 3: 100's ^

100 squats : 100 sit ups : 100 push ups...

You need to complete ALL 100 reps of EACH exercise before you move onto the next one. That is what makes this test challenging!

remember to break up the reps when it starts to get tough (10 at a time, 5 at at time, 2 at a time etc)...just try to keep moving! Notice in my squats, I do a few, shake my legs out, then get back into it, try to find a rythmn... With push ups I have also shared a few variations that you can use. start with the harder option and when you begin to get fatigued or cannit complete good technique, use the easier options to get through all 100 reps.

Good luck! Lets Kill Test 3!! :D

Wow Week 3 already!

The first two weeks have been such a whirlwind of feelings and emotions! I hope you have enjoyed the energy boost after the circuits! Not only is FBFM a huge buzz for your body (all those squats and planks!! haha) but also for your mind...

I know there have probably been days where you are tired and sore, and just want to sleep in or skip a workout...but I know that you haven't let yourself give in! I have seen all of your messages here, and on Instagram, and I have seen you power through early morning workouts and make opportunities to change around circuits so you can fit in your training. I am so proud of how strong and committed you are!

This week is REBUILD week. A week dedicated to recovering your body after these first two weeks of tough training. REBUILD happens every 3rd week, so you will see them again in week 6 and 9. You still have circuits (that are just as tough) paired with MOVE in the afternoon to shake out the legs :) and, an extra rest day to freshen you up!

This week I want you to also focus on more stretching, yoga, massage, physiotherapy, foam roller, sauna etc etc...any extra recovery techniques that you need! THIS is the time for some pampering!! (oh and please share any great recovery techniques you know!! I always love learning new ones!)

I just wanted to add that I am loving all the stories that have been shared over the last two weeks :) It is so inspiring to see all of you put so much effort and energy into getting to know each other and support each other along this 12 week journey!

Lots of love to you guys :D Keep up that commitment!

ab x

Amanda Bisk