FBFM Week Two


VIDEO: ^ Welcome V-ups! ^

A quick demo of V-Ups and some easier variations...(hardest first then they get easier)...

Remember do the variation that allows you to keep your lower back squeezed to the ground at ALL TIMES. If you can't, opt for the easier variation, you can always build up over the coming weeks :) Quality repetitions ALWAYS!!

Hey hey Squad!

WOW! What an incredible week 1! I have been following your journey's on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and here in the forum and I am blown away :D

I'm SO PROUD of all of you, and I can't believe all the amazing support, encouragement and positivity you are showing each other...it is so inspiring! My favourite part of the day is sitting down to chat, comment, message and just get to know you guys!

YOU are the fuel that has ignited an incredible worldwide community... #strongertogether can not describe this FBFM family any better :) Knowing I'm not alone during the workouts is the biggest motivation and I WANT to be accountable to you and the squad.. When I start to feel the burn I just think of the entire squad all over the world giving it their all... and it pushes me to push even harder!

I have added a video (above) to show you some variations to V-ups, one of the harder exercises you will come across this week! I will do similar videos in the weeks to come if you need them :)

Remember to ask any questions you have about the week, or the guide! I'm here to help, and I'm sure the squad is keen on sharing their experience and knowledge too!

ab x

ps. absolutely loving all the amazing pics being shared with #freshbodyfitmind...keep it up! Waking up on the morning and seeing you all is the BEST! x

Amanda Bisk