FBFM Week Four


Welcome to week four!! 

We are almost a month in...yes, a month!! (Insane!)

So this is the point where everything changes...You are now starting to turn all those little things you do each day, into lasting habits! The time you dedicate to your daily workouts (morning and evening!)...The effort you put in to plan your week ahead...Looking back, understanding, and acknowledging all those little positive choices you are making each day. These are the things that are shaping the new you, and what determines whether you achieve your goals or not. It's like every choice is another brick being added or knocked off the wall...never stop building (;

I know up until this point that you may have had a couple of not so perfect days..but that is completely OK. You are human and things happen...you get sick, unmotivated, work and school has their demands, and sometimes these knock us around a bit. But, Its not about dwelling on the things you haven't done or you could have done better. What shapes you and guides you in the right direction is how you mould and react to the bumps in the road, and how you move forward. What can you do RIGHT NOW that will keep you on track? 

It is up to you. This is your opportunity to commit to this. Continue striving to do your very best, continue making opportunities, not excuses...and most importantly continue to believe that you DESERVE the very best. 

Because you do.

ab x


PS. Don't forget to share YOUR tips and tricks to staying motivated, committed, and moving forward! Something you share here (no matter how small) may be the BIGGEST inspiration for another FBFM fam member :D We are #strongertogether !! x

Amanda Bisk