FBFM Week Five


Week five is all about the buzz!!

By this stage, you should really be FEELING the effects of your daily commitment to training. You may also be seeing some physical changed (or maybe not just yet!), but your body is definitely experiencing some amazing benefits on the inside!

Whether you are already reasonably fit, or you have only just started your fitness journey on this FBFM program, we are all starting to feed and nurture our bodies with a healthy and exciting dose of buzz! :D

What is this buzz?? Anytime you start a new way of training, your body gets stimulated and it is encouraged to strengthen, mould, tone, and energise...especially from the inside out! Week five is having some amazing positive effects on your body systems (like your blood, hormones, immune system, and health of your organs). You can't see these changes, but you can FEEL them.

I want you to focus on your feelings this week, and I encourage you to use your diary!! (I have seen some exceptional training diaries shared on instagram already!). Delve deep and ask yourself, how do I feel before my workout, how do I feel after? Am I sleeping better than a week ago? Do I feel like I want to balance my training with excellent healthy food too? Am I more motivated to train? Is it easier to make healthy choices? Do I have more energy throughout the day? Do I think clearer after my workout? Am I proud of my commitment and getting up early to do a workout?

Let us know all those thoughts and realisations! When you write down your feelings, you begin to uncover the little changes in your body and mind....and these little changes, sometimes have the biggest effect :)

After all, if you FEEL good within....you can't help but look good on the outside! You can't hide inner beauty and health!! 

Keep it up fam!

ab x

Amanda Bisk