FBFM Week Six


Half way point!

I wanted to tell you all how proud I am of you. Yes I am definitely proud of the effort and commitment you are putting into your sessions, BUT the thing that has blown me away the most is how much you have united together over the last six weeks!!

Every morning I wake up and have a look through your #freshbodyfitmind posts on Instagram and it leaves me with the BEST feeling going into the day, especially my AM workout!

You guys have created the most warm, supportive and encouraging family...and this is a family.

This week, I want you to think about your family, all over the world. Picture them getting up early and finishing their workout in a pile of sweat, picture them making a beautiful healthy breakfast, and picture them looking past their bad day yesterday and committing to positive steps forward today. Everyday, we are wanting something better for ourselves and working hard towards it...and so are they. Know that you are not alone. Good and bad days, we feel them too! and sometimes, we need that person to give us some reassurance and say, 'YES, I know how you feel, I'm feeling that today too!'

Lets make an effort this week to praise and encourage another FBFM family member. A simple message on someones Instagram, a reply here in the forum, or even texting your friend that is doing FBFM with you 'I'm so proud of all that hard work you are putting in'...You never know how much a simple gesture like this can change their day (or week!), and it will make you feel amazing too!

It all about showing our support for each other, and experiencing every workout, every rep, every struggle and every achievement, together! Theres no stronger team than this.

Lots of love to you fam and happy week 6 :)

ab x

Amanda Bisk