Target Lower Abs Workout

Get that lower ab workout you've been searching for!

Lower abs are one of the hardest areas to target in a workout. Our hip flexors usually take most of the load in many abdominal exercises, which means our lower abs start to become weaker while our hip flexors become tight and over worked.

Here are 3 targeted lower ab exercises I want you to try together! They are designed to work lower abs and obliques, without requiring much hip flexor work at all...Make sure you take your time and do these exercises a little slower but with great technique (This will actually give you a much better workout!).

Here's your workout!


EXERCISE ONE: 20 Elbow Plank Hip Drops ( 10 each side)

EXERCISE TWO: 20 Bottoms Up

EXERCISE THREE: 20 Lower Ab Peel Ups

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Butt Buster Workout

My favourite 3 glute exercises all in one butt burning workout for you!

Strong glutes are crucial for good technique in all of your running, jumping, squatting, and pretty much any leg exercise! It sounds funny, but your glutes are actually your core! They keep you stable, improve your training technique in ALL of your workouts, and they protect you from injury.

If you suffer a sore lower back, aching knees or ankles, or feel like your knees roll inward (knock together) when you run, you should definitely work on your glutes!

Here's your workout!


EXERCISE ONE: 20 Side Lying Leg Lifts (20 Left then 20 right)

EXERCISE TWO: 20 Kneeling Side-to-Side Leg Lifts (20 left Then 20 right)

EXERCISE THREE: 20 Lying Single Leg Hip Lifts (20 left then 20 right)

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Learn to Bendback.

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One of the most energising, reinvigorating and stimulating positions in yoga and stretching is the BACK BEND (also known as wheel pose). Back bending is an excellent way to refresh and recharge your energy levels and stimulate your body systems without any extreme stimulants! 

When you think about it, we spend huge portions of our day bending or hunching forward; eating, sitting, cleaning, working, studying, watching TV, and the list goes on!

If we bend forward for extended periods of time we begin to expose our body to extra pressure and stress. Prolonged forward bending has been shown to drain your energy levels, restrict your organ function (especially your lungs, kidneys and digestion), cause long lasting poor posture, and even be a major factor in chronic pain (back, neck, and headaches/migranes). 

The benefits of back bends include:

  • Preventing poor posture and realigning the spine
  • Improving nerve fuction
  • Stimulating more healthy blood flow around your body
  • Promoting healthy joints and bones
  • Relief of pain
  • Stimulating digestion and promoting healthy organ function
  • Increasing your metabolism and energy levels
  • Releasing 'feel good' hormones 




LEVEL ONE: COBRA (warm up & beginner) 

  1. Lay on your belly with hands under your shoulders
  2. Squeeze your bottom to support your lower back
  3. Press up through your hands, relax your shoulders down (lengthen your neck), and open your chest
  4. Slowly begin to look up, guiding your head back to where is comfortable (remember to breathe!)


  1. Lay face up, bend your knees (feet flat on the ground)
  2. Place your hands flat on the ground next to your ears (fingers point towards your feet)
  3. Push into the ground equally with your feet and hands until you can rest on the top of your head
  4. Another strong push until you have reached your full wheel (back bend)
  5. Aim your belly to the sky, keep breathing and relaxing into the stretch
  6. TO COME DOWN always tuck your chin to your chest (look at your belly), then slowly lower down

*This is an advanced posture so remember to take it at your own pace, Do Not rush! Only attempt if you feel confident and ready, and remember this posture will become easier the more you practise.

Hold each stretch for at least 10 long, slow breaths. With any back bend, counteract this big stretch by curling into a little ball and giving yourself a big hug. Or finish with child's pose :)

Happy back bending!

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