Fresh Body Fit Mind Weeks 1-12

My 20 minute whole body workout program designed to need no equipment. All 12 weeks are based on the latest modern training science to tone muscle while burning fat during and after your workouts.

$39 USD

Fresh Body Fit Mind Weeks 13-19

My advanced, 20 minute workout program to take your training to the next level without equipment. This high intensity 7 week program focuses on targeting specific muscle groups while burning fat during and after your workouts. 

$29 USD


Stretch Guide & 5 Class Yoga Series

All my top tips & secrets to stress less, re-energise and feel refreshing flexible.

$19 USD

The Ultimate Fresh Body Fit Mind Collection

Exclusive access to my entire Fresh Body Fit Mind fitness & flexibility collection.

$79 USD

Adventure with us when we escape for 7 Days of Sunshine, Yoga, Workouts, Surfing and heaps more in the tropical paradise that is Uluwatu, Bali.