FBFM Week Nine

Lets talk TECHNIQUE!

Your training technique is the key to avoiding injury and maximising your best fitness results. So this week is about focusing on that training form and making sure we're not falling into bad habits! Only a few weeks to go until we are almost done with our 12weeks of FBFM training, so lets finish of with our best weeks ever!! (:

FBFM Week Eight

This week, I want you to share the things that have changed the most for you personally over the last 8 weeks training with the FBFM family. Your body, your mind, your vision of fitness, your confidence, your ability to stick to the program and push through the tough days...everything! No matter how small the change, share it, and be proud of what you have achieved!


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FBFM Week Seven

This week, we are focusing on something that is as equally important as the effort we put into our daily training...what we are eating!!

Share your fit food and nutrition tips here, and lets give our body the BEST possible foundation to dominate our supercharged FBFM workouts! (:

FBFM Week Six

Week Six...half way!! Woohoo! I want this week to really be about teamwork. You might not even know it, but something that you do or say can be the BIGGEST inspiration to those around you!

This FBFM squad is your worldwide family..this Week Six forum is about supporting, encouraging, and lifting each other to the next level!! Remember you are never alone, we have made it this far together and we are in this till the end :)

FBFM Week Five

Week 5...This is the week you might be starting to see and feel some changes! 

Are you feeling stronger? Are you becoming disciplined in sticking to your daily training? Maybe you can see some muscles peeking through, or have you noticed you have more energy and are actually excited to train and experience the after effects!

Let us know how FBFM is making you feel this week (:

FBFM Week Four

This is where you take charge and decide to ditch the excuses. By the end of this week, you are beginning to develop lasting habits...things that are now becoming a part of your lifestyle.

Tell us how you stay motivated and committed to daily training? What little tricks have helped you manage your weekly schedule? and how you are you making OPPORTUNITIES to work around those little life hurdles?!

Your tips could help someone completely turn their week around! (:

FBFM Week Three

Welcome to the first REBUILD week! Feel free to let us know how you are feeling after your first two weeks of tough training, and any awesome recovery techniques you use and would like to share with us!! 

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FBFM Week Two

After a MASSIVE week one, this is the forum to keep up with the squad during week 2!

Week 2 is about staying committed and making these new healthy daily actions, into lasting habits! Share your experiences, tips, and advice on things that have helped you to stay motivated and to continue that hard work you have been putting in. 

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FBFM Week One

Here is your place to connect with everyone taking on the first week of FBFM. Share your experiences of tackling your first few workouts, ask questions, tell us your favourite part of the program so far, and keep each other motivated!  

Lets make this an UNFORGETTABLE Week 1! (: